ASCII iPort .NET Class Library
Windows Desktop Project

MS Visual Studio
VB.NET Sample Application

(C) 2021 MCC (Micro Computer Control Corporation)
The ASCIIiPortLib class library provides methods, properties, events, and enumerations that support the development of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET or National Instruments LabVIEW V7+ applications for I2C Bus communications. This library support page provides a downloadable Visual Studio Windows Desktop Project created by the MCC Technical Support team. The information and project files are owned solely by MCC, are made available on a non-exclusive, royalty-free basis for use with MCC I2C Bus host adapters, and are covered by MCC's End User License Agreement.

Supported MCC I2C Bus Adapters:

Supported MS.NET Languages: Supported Microsoft Development Tools: Project Requirements: Project Information: Class Library Information: How to Install and Use This Visual Studio Project:
  1. Review and accept the MCC's End User License Agreement.
  2. Download the project file (see below):
  3. Extract Compressed Project Folders and Files with MS Edge, Windows Explorer, PKunZip, or other extraction software.
  4. Run Microsoft Visual Studio 2005+ and select File|Open|Project/Solution...
  5. Browes to the extracted folder ASCII_iPort_Windows_Desktop_VB_App/iPortSampleApplication3.
  6. Select and Open the solution file:  iPortSampleApplication.sln.
  7. Build, Start, Modify, and Save project source files as required.
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