iBurner Release History

V3.2 Release:

  1. Add support for iPort/USB 2, USB to I2C Bus adapter.
  2. Software maintenance update.
V3.1 Release:
  1. Add support for iPort/LAN Ethernet to I2C Bus adapter.
  2. Assert /INT signal while accessing EEPROM.
  3. Display adapter Type/SN in Communication Settings.
  4. Display all available adapters in Communication Settings.
  5. Software maintenance update.
V3.0 Release:
  1. Add support for i2cStick USB to I2C Bus adapter.
  2. Add iBurner Script Engine exit code (0=Success, -1=Fail).
  3. Make slave address spin box up arrow increment slave address.
  4. Revise GUI and Script Creator user interface.
  5. Add Beep operation to Script Creator.
  6. Add Script Engine Automation Examples.
V2.2 Release:
  1. Enhance Script Engine validation, error handling, and logging.
  2. Abort script processing immediately on command error detection. Quit command accepted but no longer required.
  3. Correct Script Creator “Load” command offset generation.
  4. Add script “*beep” command (beep computer speaker).
  5. Add script “*settings” command (log current device settings).
  6. Optimize Script Creator script generation.
  7. Set initial Load/Save Buffer and Script folder.
V2.1 Release:
  1. Correct multi-byte (more than 256 bytes) EEPROM address register access.
V2.0 Release:
  1. Programming automation support with Script Builder tool.
  2. Automatically configures optimum communication settings.
  3. Expanded EEPROM/Buffer checksum (CRC-16) capability.
  4. More I2C EEPROM device definitions.
  5. Audit operations with built-in logging facilities.
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