MS VC++ 6 Sample Application (Windows)

MCC technical support has created an MS Visual C++ 6 Microsoft Foundation Class (MSVC++) application for our ASCII interface I2C Bus host adapters. This example includes an MSVC++ project, source code, and program executable files that can be use by MSVC++ programmers as the basis for developing custom applications.

This example includes our CiPort C++ class (iPort.cpp and iPort.h) which can be imported into an MSCV++ project. The CiPort class include methods that makes it easy for MSVC++ programmers to create custom I2C Bus applications. The CiPort class includes methods to Master Transmit and Receive messages on the I2C Bus. To demonstrate the use of the CiPort class, this sample application uses the CiPort class to write, read, and verify, an I2C EEPROM device. This application example could be very useful to developers creating programs that access I2C Bus memory devices such as EEPROMs, NV RAMs, and RAMs.

Supported Host Adapters:

iPort (#MIIC-201, Datasheet)
Variable Clock Rate I2C Bus Adapter (#MIIC-201-V, Datasheet)

To download the iPort MFC Application Wizard Project and source files in ZIP file format, Click Here.

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