I2C and SMBus 
ESD/Current-Limiting Protection Device
Part Number: #IPROTX
iProTx I2C Bus ESD/Current-Limiting Module
 iProTxTM (pronounced “i-pro-tex”), is an ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) and Current-Limiting protection module for I2C Bus and SMBus circuit protection in testing and manufacturing environments.

It is estimated that up to a third of all electronic products are damaged by ESD. This is especially discouraging when you consider that a significant percentage of this damage can occur in test fixtures on a production line.

iProTx brings ESD and current-limiting protection to devices connected to an I2C or SMBus. Based on transient voltage suppression (TVS) technology created for hot-plug USB devices, and automatic resetting fuses for over-current protection, the iProTx gives I2C or SMBus devices protection in automatic insertion applications typically found in factory automation, testing, and plug-and-play environments.

  • Protects I2C and SMBus devices in Lab or Factory Environments.
  • Inserts In-Line between I2C Systems.
  • Protection for SCL, SDA, Interrupt, Power, and Ground.
  • 5 Volt Tolerant.
  • Transient Voltage Suppression and Auto-Resetting Fuses.
  • Compatible with bus speeds up to 400 kHz.
  • Plug-Compatible with MCC I2C Bus CAB Connector Products.

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iProTx provides I2C and SMBus devices with up to 15 kV of ESD protection, and current-limiting protection of 400 mA for signals and 1 A for power. Supporting bus speeds up to 400 kHz, the iProTx generates only 40 pF of bus loading capacitance.
Protection Specifications
  • Signal ESD Protection:
    • 15KV Human Body Model
    • 2KV Machine Model.
    • IEC-1.2/50uS waveform is 10V @ 5A; -7V @ -7A. Peak Power is 60W.
  • Signal DC Over-Current Protection:
    • PTC protected @ 0.4A trip. Peak Power 60W.
  • Power and Ground Protection:
    • 100A 8.3mS surge. PTC protected with 1A trip.


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