iPort Software Developer's Kit
Visual Basic (VB4 or VB6)

Are you currently using our iPort (#MIIC-201) or iPort DLL/USB (#MIIC-201D/U) with Microsoft's Visual Basic? If so, then you may want to download this special version of our Dynamic Linked Library. The enhancements / features / corrections we have added to this product include:

Enhancement: Direct Access from Visual Basic

To provide direct access to our iPort Windows to I2C Bus Host Adapter from Visual Basic 32-Bit, we have created a special version of our iPort DLL (ivb32200.dll).  The changes made to this DLL include:

1. The iPort DLL log file name has been removed from the DLL structure (User-Defined Type). The log file name is now passed as an additional parameter to I2COpen().

2. A VB 32-Bit to iPort DLL interface file (ivb32200.bas) has been created. This file defines the iPort DLL structure (User-Defined Type) and function declarations.  This file should be added to any project accessing the iPort VB DLL (ivb32200.dll).

We have also created a complete VB 32-Bit project (ivb.vbp) to demonstrate use of the VB DLL.  Since VB does not support Windows Messages or Call-Back Functions, this application uses Status Polling to detect iPort Events.  Status Polling is performed by the Timer1 control event processing.

Update Distribution/Licensing:

This copyrighted product update is offered free of charge to current licensees of the iPort Software Developer's Kit. Its use is covered by the MCC license agreement provided at the original time of purchase.

Update Installation Instructions:

  1. Click to download the .ZIP file indicated below.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file, storing the files in your VB project folder.
  3. View the README.TXT file for additional details.
Download iVB32200.ZIP Now! (VB4)

Download iVB6_32200.ZIP Now! (VB6)