iPackTM Stackable Board Format
iPack Stackable Boards are designed on a 3x4 inch board format and use a board interconnect based on the Philips I2C Bus. This format provides a convenient and economical way to package electronic assemblies for embedded system applications.

Similar to the PC/104 standard, iPack provides a common board size with a stackable connector for stacked inter-board connection. But, instead of the 104 pin connectors and ISA bus used in PC/104, iPack uses a 10 pin connector and the I2C Bus for inter-board connection. In addition to providing economic benefits of a less expensive implementation and the use of off-the-shelf I2C Bus components, iPack boards can be stacked or remotely distributed over several meters. A +5V line included in the interconnect interface can be used to power the boards.

MCC is introducing a variety of products based on the iPack Stackable Board common format. We invite other companies to participate. For more information e-mail us at info@mcc-us.com.