Xicor "Two Wire" Interface  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

 Xicor "Two Wire" Interface

Our I2C Bus host adapters are compatible with any device that follows the I2C Bus specification. Xicor parts use a two-wire interface that has bus characteristics that are similar to the I2C Bus, but it is not compatible. In particular, Xicor uses an 8-bit address. I2C uses a 7-bit address plus a read/write bit. Also, Xicor uses a three-byte instruction sequence, where the first two bytes are master to slave, and the third byte can change direction an be slave to master. The I2C Bus always changes direction after the first slave address byte. Xicor also has a Inc/Dec clocking sequence that is not I2C compatible.

What all this means is that you might be able to write to it using an I2C Bus master, but you cannot read from it. Xicor has created their own serial interface protocol that is not I2C Bus compatible.

The iPort/AFM (#MIIC-203) V2 eXtended commands can be used to communicate with most "two-wire" devices. For more information and programming examples, see the eXtended Command section of the iPort/AFM User's Guide.

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