SBS Smart Battery Emulator (SBEmmy) Software (Release 3)
for MCC I2C Bus Host Adapters
Download Version: Part Number #SBEMMY-SW3DN
SBEmmy Version 2 Software (Download Version)
CD Version: Part Number #SBEMMY-SW3CD
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    SBS Smart Battery Emulator Release 3

    The SBS Smart Battery Emulator (SBEmmy) is designed to emulate the messaging system of an SBS Smart Battery V1.0 and V1.1, providing a tool for SBS Host or Charger developers. SBEmmy provides direct on-screen access to the 38 battery parameters within an emulated smart battery. When connected to a Smart Battery System, SBEmmy responds to messages from other SBS devices, and can generate Host and Charger Warning and Alarm messages in accordance with Smart Battery System specification.

    In addition to being able to change emulated battery parameters in real-time at the click of a mouse button, and save these parameters to reloadable frame file, SBEmmy includes a Sequencer Engine that can automatically step the emulator through a series of parameter frames to emulate repeatable changing battery conditions over time.

    SBEmmy makes system testing and debugging easier. Many "real" battery parameters are constantly changing, making tracking down bugs difficult. SBEmmy will repeat battery parameters values until system bugs can be tracked down and eleminated.

    New for Release 3

    • Packet Error Check (PEC) Detection and Generation.
    • Added Support for Optional Mfg Functions.
    • Color Highlight Parameter Access (Read, Write, and Errors).
    • New Event Reporting Options (Normal, Info, Data, Warnings, and Errors).
    • Override Automatic Battery Actions.
    • Force Invalid PEC generation.
    • Expanded MCC Adapter support.
  • Supports Smart Battery System (SBS) v1.0 and v1.1.
  • Packet Error Check (PEC) generation and detection (*).
  • Provides On-Screen access to SBS Smart Battery Parameters. 
  • Communicates with SBS Host and Charger devices.
  • Set valid/invalid parameter data to test system response/recovery.
  • Save battery parameters to a frame file.
  • Built-in Frame Sequencer emulates charge/discharge cycle.
  • Runs on Window XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. 
SBEmmy User's Guide (PDF)

System Requirements

  • iPort/AFM 2 (#MIIC-213)
  • iPort/AI 2 (#MIIC-212)
  • iPort/USB 2 (#MIIC-208) (*Recommended for best SBEmmy supported features and performance)
  • i2cStick (#MIIC-207)
  • iPort/LAN (#MIIC-205)
  • iPort/USB (#MIIC-204)
  • iPort/AFM (#MIIC-203)
  • iPort/AI (#MIIC-202)
  • iPort (# MIIC-201)
  • iPort DLL/USB (#MIIC-201D/U)
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.
  • One USB, Ethernet, or RS-232 port.