I2C Bus Monitor Plus
Part Number #MIIC-102
USB Version (USB Version)
The I2C Bus Monitor Plus  is our laboratory grade troubleshooting instrument for the I2C Bus and derived protocols. When connected to an I2C or derived protocol bus and a host computer, the I2C Bus Monitor Plus captures, filters, and displays bus message data and timing information.

(Limited Availability - CALL)

  • Microsecond Timestamping of Bits, Bytes and Messages.
  • Non-intrusive capture of bus traffic to 400KHz.
  • Software controlled SCL and SDA Logic Voltage Levels.
  • Filter on Slave Address, R/W, Ack/Nack, Data Bytes, and smart battery Violations.
  • Display Slave Address, R/W, Ack/Nack, Data Bytes, and smart battery Data.
  • Write or Read, Log or Display files.
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    If your designs include heavy I2C Bus and derived protocol content, the I2C Bus Monitor Plus will give you the bus monitoring power you need, including data timestamping, variable logic voltage thresholds, and flexible triggering. Whether you're testing designs with a single master and slave, such as programming configuration EEPROMs, or monitoring multiple masters and slaves in a server maintenance system, the information packed screens help you get your debug and verification done faster.


  • Product Development: Software/Hardware Development, Testing, and Troubleshooting.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing Tests, Inspection, Quality Control.

  • The I2C Bus Monitor Plus includes an extensive array of message monitoring capabilities, and can time-stamp bits, bytes, or messages.

    The I2C Bus Monitor Plus can display smart battery Data in engineering units, and can detect, filter, and display protocol violations.



    I2C Bus

    A test cable provides connection to the network under test. Test clips are provided for:

    SCL Clock Line (with Variable Threshold)
    SDA Data Line (with Variable Threshold)
    GND Ground Line
    Target System VCC (Optional)

    Trigger Input (BNC)

    TTL signal input to synchronize data collection with external events.

    Trigger Output (BNC)

    TTL signal output to synchronize external equipment with I2C Bus Start, Stop, Ack, Nack;, and Bit Pattern matching events.

    Utility Port (DB-9)

    Use to attach optional external equipment in automatic test environments. Signals include:

    SDA, SCL Input
    SDA, SCL Output (TTL)
    Trigger Input, Trigger Output (TTL)


    #MIIC-102/USB - USB interface.
    #MIIC-102/PCIE - PCI-Express interface (x1 full-height). (Call)
    #MIIC-102/PCI - PCI interface. (Call)
    #MIIC-102/PCC - PC Card (PCMCIA) interface. (Call)

    Optional Add-On Interface kits available separately.


    The I2C Bus Monitor Plus includes an extensive array of message monitoring capabilities. These include:

    Display Options

    I2C Bus Events (Start/Stop, R/W, Ack/Nack)
    Bit, Byte, and Message Timing (uS)
    Message Bit Rate (Bits/Sec)
    Absolute or Relative Time Measurement

    Protocols Supported

    I2C Hex - Displays all data in hexadecimal format.
    I2C ASCII - Displays data in printable ASCII or hexadecimal format.
    I2C Binary - Displays data in binary format.
    SBS - Displays smart battery data in engineering units with protocol revision selection (Host, Battery, Charger, and Selector) and violation detection.

    Message Filtering

    Bus activity can be monitored on a selective or non-selective basis. Filter displayed messages on Slave Address, up to 8 Data bytes, and SBS protocol violation only.

    SDA/SCL Logic Threshold Control

    Software controlled 0.7V to 2.5V.

    Software Requirements

    Windows XP (32-bit), Vista/7/8 (32-bit and 64-bit).


    Includes 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, Global AC Plug Set (#MWT-5VAG).

    Included Parts List:

    Optional Add-On Parts Product Environmental Specifications: See Environmental Specifications FAQ

    See our Bus Monitor FAQ for answers to your technical questions, or our Online Catalog for ordering information.

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