iBurner I2C Bus EEPROM Programmer Software (V3.3)
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iBurner EEPROM Programming Setup

  Introducing iBurner V3.3, our free I2C EEPROM programming software package.

iBurner is our I2C Bus Serial EEPROM Programmer software package for Windows that provides a quick and easy way to blank-check, program, read, and verify a wide variety of I2C Bus EEPROMs. iBurner includes a device library with many popular I2C EEPROM devices, and supports adding your own additional devices.

iBurner V3.3 adds:

  • Support for our iPort/AI 2 RS-232 to I2C Bus adapter.
  • Support for our iPort/LAN 2 Ethernet to I2C Bus adapter.
  • Support for our i2cStick 2 USB to I2C Bus adapter.
Supported I2C Bus EEPROM  Device Database (iBurner Device Database).
  • iBurner supports these I2C Bus EEPROM programming activities:
    • Erase
    • Blank-check
    • Program
    • Read
    • Verify
  • Built-in and Customizable I2C EEPROM Device Database.
  • Configurable EEPROM Bank, Page, and Word Address size.
  • Configurable EEPROM I2C Bus Clock Rates.
  • Built-in EEPROM Checksum Calculator.
  • EEPROM Programming Automation Script Builder.
  • File Formats:
    • Hex
    • S-Record
    • Binary
  • In-system Programming on an Active Single/Multi-master I2C Bus.
  • 7-bit I2C Bus EEPROM Addressing.
  • Target Reset Control via Host Adapter /INT signal.
  • Automatic Logging of Programming Operations.
  • Compatible with MCC's ASCII-text based I2C Bus Host adapters.
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User's Guide (PDF)
Release History

Supported Host Adapters: Update Distribution/Licensing: System Requirements: Download and Installation Instructions:

To install this version of  iBurner on your computer, follow these instructions:

  1. Click the Download link below and save the file to your download or a temporary folder on your Windows based PC.
  2. After the download is complete, Double-click the file to install. Follow on screen instructions.
  3. After installation, click Start | Programs | iBurner | iBurner to start the program.
  4. See the User's Guide for additional instructions.
Click to Download iBurner3_3Setup.msi

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