iPortAI LabVIEW VI Library Reference (V2.1)

Copyright (c) 2015 MCC (Micro Computer Control Corporation)
The iPortAI LabVIEW VI Library provides VIs (Virtual Instruments) that support the development of National Instruments LabVIEWTM applications for I2C Bus communications. This library reference and executable files were created by the MCC Technical Support team, are owned solely by MCC, and are made available on a non-exclusive, royalty-free, as-is basis for use with MCC I2C Bus host adapters.

LabVIEW is the industry standard graphical development environment for test and control. MCC's iPortAI LabVIEW Library accelerates the development and deployment of systems incorporating I2C Bus and other derived protocols, for configuration, testing, control, security, and monitoring activities.

Sample Master Transmit Sequence
Sample I2C Bus Master Transmit Sequence

Supported MCC ASCII-Interface I2C Bus Adapters: Supported LabVIEW Development Tools: Project Requirements: How to Install and Use This Library:
  1. Review and accept the MCC iPortAI LabVIEW Library License Agreement.
  2. Download the compressed Library File: iPortAILV2010Lib_v2_1.ZIP.
  3. Extract Compressed Folders/Files with Windows Explorer, PKunZip, or other extraction software.
  4. Copy extracted folder \instr.lib\MCC iPortAI V2\ and contents to your ...\National Instruments\LabVIEW n\instr.lib\ folder.
  5. Copy extracted folder \project\MCC iPortAI V2\ and contents to your ...\National Instruments\LabVIEW n\project\ folder (Optional).
  6. Run LabVIEW and select an iPortAI Sample Project from the LabVIEW Tools menu, or create a new blank VI.
  7. All iPortAI VIs are supported with Context Help (See LabVIEW Help|Show Context Help menu).
  8. Save, run, test, and modify application wiring diagram and front panel as required.
  9. Send comments and feedback to support@mcc-us.com
LabVIEW VI Library Release History

The iPortAI LabVIEW VI Library is organized into three groups: The following tables list the VIs provided with the iPortAI LabVIEW Library.