About MCC (Micro Computer Control Corporation)
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I2C is just a mouse click awayTM
Our Specialty: I2C Bus, busses based upon the I2C Bus, and other chip-to-chip communication networks. 

Our Products: Monitors, analyzers, adapters, multiplexers, interface boards, and software development tools. Smart battery testing and emulation software. EEPROM programming software.

Our Applications: Product development in R&D labs, and product testing and EEPROM programming in factories. 

Our End Users: Electronic engineers, software engineers, programmers, and test engineers. 

Our Industries: Consumer electronics, computers, networks, optoelectronics, medical electronics, telecommunications, semiconductors, and more.

MCC specializes in signal analyzers and interface solutions for small area networks. These networks (electronic signal pathways) provide chip-to-chip communication links in a wide variety of consumer, computer, network, fiberoptic, aerospace, military, and medical electronic circuits. We provide solutions for engineers working with established and emerging integrated circuit communication standards, including I2C Bus (Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus), circuit monitoring and control, power systems, smart batteries, and more.

Our products and services improve engineering productivity, time to market, and device communications. Our technical support and knowledge in our specialized area is unsurpassed. Let us help you.

General Product Brochure (PDF)

For more information regarding MCC and our products, please visit www.mcc-us.com.